Individual Lessons

Private Lessons are suited to all players, from beginner to advanced, who are looking to technically improve their game. Player’s specific games are thoroughly analysed from a technical, mental point of view and corrections and enhancements are implemented to ensure maximum improvement. With private lessons you will always be able to set new goals and targets so you can continue to work on your game.



  • Individual is a one-on-one time with the coach.
  • Player will continuously be corrected technically and mentally in order to grow.


Semi-Individual Lessons (2 players)

Players are grouped in compatible pairs, with the purpose of the players pushing each other and benefiting from each individual unique abilities.



  • Shared session with semi-individual time with the coach.
  • Technical analysis, cause, identification and correction.
  • Enables players to compete against one another while being coached.

Group Lessons

Players are grouped together according to their ability and level with more of a tactical approach, the aim of our groups are to maximize the amount a balls hit, we believe you improve with every ball hit and the more balls you can hit the faster your development.



  • Group lessons maximize time and volume of balls being hit, live with other players of similar level.
  • Without as much one on one pressure from the coach, the group push each other.
  • Players are exposed to different game styles and learn how to develop different strategies and tactics to counter the different game styles




Junior Squads:

  • Junior squads are designed for the more competitive player training to compete on a tournament level

Adult Squads:

  • Adult squads are also geared to the more competitive adult, training either at a club level or at a national tournament level

Both squads focus heavily on tactics and strategy within match play, tennis-specific fitness training, footwork and movement and scenario-based drills and game play. The aim of each programme is to encourage the development of a participant’s individual style, technique, tactics and strategy, such that they can confidently enter the competitive phase of their tennis playing journey.

Mini Tennis (ages 4yrs-8yrs)

Applying the play n stay program this is the foundational phase introducing juniors to the game of tennis in a non competitive environment.



  • Hand eye co ordination
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of tennis
  • Build interest and passion in a fun filled environment

Tennis Clinics

3 day clinic held during school holidays



  • Stroke and tactical development
  • Physical fitness and endurance training
  • Introduction to competition in a fun filled, Non pressure environment


Hitting Sessions

Purpose is solely on repetition and to hit as many balls as possible



  • The more balls you hit the quicker you improve
  • You improve with every ball you hit
  • Hitting with a coach or another player of a higher level will automatically raise your game


A joint venture between TFL and Parkhurst Tennis Club, every Saturday at Parkhurst Tennis Club 14:00-17:30, Adult social for players of all levels and age



  • Social environment to meet players of a similar level.
  • Meeting and finding new hitting partners.
  • Invitation to Senior interclub leagues and Senior Club championships.



A joint venture between TFL and Parkhurst Tennis Club, every Saturday at Parkhurst Tennis Club 09:30-10:30, a junior version of the senior social, a more fun filled morning geared at the beginner and intermediate junior



  • Introduction to tennis in a more social environment
  • Meeting and making new friendships
  • Introduction to junior league and junior championships

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