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Online Store – Terms and Conditions


  • FREE Delivery for orders above R2000 anywhere in Gauteng
  • R50 Delivery Fee for orders below R2000 in Gauteng
  • R270 Delivery Fee for orders below R2000 outside Gauteng
  • We make use of a courier service and all deliveries are tracked and you will receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been confirmed and processed by our accounts department
  • Regional – Outside Gauteng 2-5 Day delivery time period
  • Local – Gauteng 1-2 day delivery time period


Returns/Exchange and Refund Policy

  • On all our Wilson Products we offer a 10 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, excluding shipping costs, as long as the products are returned in their original condition
  • Due to COVID19, we unfortunately can not offer any returns/refunds/exchanges on our Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers
  • Please contact accounts@tennisforlife.co.za or 0606756742


  • All payments are secure and run through South Africa’s Payfast payment gateway
  • Refunds for products returned are paid into your bank account within 30 Days


  • The below terms and conditions are applicable to all coaching payments made online

Coaching Terms and conditions

General Rules

  • On our monthly subscription fee structure:  If a lesson is not able to be attended, we require a 48 hour notice in order to reschedule – otherwise the lesson will be forfeited
  • On our package deals:  We require 24 hour notice to reschedule
  • We unfortunately do not catch up group lessons missed.  However, you can arrange with your coach to join one of our other group lessons if a lesson is not able to be attended, lessons missed do not accumulate and cannot be carried over to the following month. 
  • Make up lessons cannot be rescheduled again
  • Monthly subscription lessons that need to be caught up expires after 6 months.  Lessons older than 6 months are forfeited
  • Package deals expires after 12 months.  Package deals older than 12 months are forfeited
  • If a lesson is missed or cancelled by one of our coaches, the coach will make up the lesson or alternatively your account will be credited
  • Any coaching outside of the TFL system with a TFL coach during and after 6 months of termination you will be liable for 12 months reimbursement of current fees
  • TFL regularly makes use of photography and videography during the tennis activities for promotional purposes.  If you wish not to be included in this, please email our accounts department notifying us of this.  Thanking you in advance
  • Only tekkies are allowed on the tennis courts

Coaching in school holidays

  • There is no coaching at our schools during school holidays.  Please see fee structure below
  • At our tennis clubs and private venues coaching will continue throughout the year. The only time we close is mid-December and we reopen early January
  • Please inquire about our holiday club and tennis clinics during holidays
  • There will be no coaching on public holidays


  • All fees are due in advance at the beginning of every month
  • A R100 late payment penalty will be charged on all late or arrear payments
  • If a player is 1 month in arrears we reserve the right to discontinue coaching with immediate effect
  • We unfortunately only accept electronic (EFT) payments or online payments. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Please use your name and surname as reference
  • On our monthly subscription option fees are due 12 months of the year


  • 2.5% Family discount
  • 5% discount when paying 3 months in advance
  • 10% discount when paying 6 months in advance
  • 15% discount when paying 12 months in advance
  • 10% discount when joining more than 1 group
  • No refunds will be made for payments made in advance

Annual Increase

We have our annual increase in June at +-7%

Notice Period

  • One calendar months’ notice (1st-31st) in writing (in order to be official) is required if a player does not wish to continue.  Please confirm our accounts department receives your notice or any amendments to your account
  • When giving notice in November, a back dated invoice will be generated for the months with 5 weeks

Annual Registration

Please note the registration fee is charged once off annually (every year). It is compulsory for all students.  The only time students will not be charged a registration fee is when starting in November or December

All-inclusive in the registration fee

Every student will receive a TFL t-shirt, as well as progress reports and certificates. This also includes the worksheets used on rainy day tennis done indoors, as well as their self-assessment worksheets.  You will also get regular updates of upcoming events


The purpose of the t-shirts are to build confidence and team moral. We want the students to feel as if they are part of something larger then themselves to instill vision and an internal motivation and purpose. Building our students’ self-esteem is one of our high priorities as we believe we are building future leaders and their confidence in themselves is the foundation to any success.

The certificates and progress reports; we believe anything you cannot measure is not worth your while. In so we find it important for the students to understand the different levels they need to work through (A step by step guide).

Indoor/rainy day worksheets, a vital part of a student’s development. These are general knowledge questionnaires, history and rules of tennis for the younger students and moving more into the psychology and self-assessments, strategies and tactics for the older students.

Fee structure and formulas:


Private Venues and Tennis Clubs

  • Fees are billed 12 months out of the year
  • Lessons run throughout the year being a full 12 month cycle, only period we close is generally 10th Dec – 10th Jan (4 weeks)
  • You will notice that the months with 5 weeks you are not charged extra
  • 5 months out of a 12 month cycle there are 5 weeks, this is to cover the 4 weeks we close in December and the odd day that you lessons fall on a public holiday. If your lessons fall on more than one public holiday please arrange with your coach for a catch up lesson
  • We unfortunately can only allow a pro-rata rate in December when joining or starting lessons in November and December
  • No Annual registration will be charged in November and December

Example:  45min group lesson R650 per month

R650 ÷ (4 weeks) = R162 (Cost per lesson)

Private Schools

  • Fees are billed 12 months out of the year
  • Lessons are run to the same calendar and system as the private schools. So there will be No lessons during the private school holidays and public holidays
  • There is +- 38 weeks in a private school year (3 and 4 Term schools).
  • We unfortunately can only allow a pro-rata rate in December when joining or starting lessons in November and December
  • No Annual registration will be charged in November and December

Example: 45min group lesson R510 per month

R510 X (12 months in a year) ÷ (38 weeks in private school year) = R161 (Cost per lesson)

The general consensus all round was that this structure makes life a lot easier for budgeting purposes 


  • Please note we unfortunately do not catch up or refund lessons for bad weather
  • Mental toughness and paper tennis will be done indoors. We believe this is an integral part of a tennis player’s development
  • However if a lesson cannot be attended, please discuss with your coach times and venue when and if you can fall into another group lesson as an alternative
  • Individual lessons missed may attend 2 group lessons as an alternative


  • Mental Toughness
  • Tennis psychology
  • Self-awareness and self-talk
  • General knowledge
  • Court awareness
  • Goal setting
  • Mental traps
  • Game styles
  • Basic Tactical Steps
  • Tactics, strategies and the difference
  • Game situations
  • Action thinker VS story thinker
  • Technique
  • Routines
  • Career path
  • BMT (Big match temperament)
  • Dynamic Stretching VS Static stretching
  • General Rules 


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